Past Events

The Cushwa Center sponsors conferences, seminars, and other events that seek to foster scholarly enrichment and support among those working in American Catholic studies and related fields.

All events held from fall 2010 to the present may be viewed at Conferences hosted between 1974 and spring 2010 have included:



Atlantic Catholicism: The French-American Connection
Cosponsored by Notre Dame’s Nanovic Institute for European Studies and the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts in the College of Arts and Letters


Camino a Emaus: The Word of God and Latino Catholics
Presented with the American Bible Society

Camino a Emaus Conference Preview

Catholics in the Movies


Catholicism in the American Century

A Great Cloud of Witnesses: Saints in the Catholic Tradition
On January 18–19, the Cushwa Center co-sponsored this conference that explored the development of the canonization process and the significance of Catholic sainthood. More than 250 participants took part in the conference. Other sponsors included the Department of Theology, the Office of the President, the Office of Campus Ministry, and the Beatification Committee for Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C.


History of Women Religious (HWR) Conference
From June 24–27, the Cushwa Center hosted HWR's Seventh Triennial Conference. More than 200 participants gathered to explore the theme, "Local Cultures/Global Church: Challenge and Missio in the History of Women Religious."

David J. O’Brien Conference
Scholars, Catholic Workers, religious and lay activists, and several bishops congregated at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., on April 13–14 to explore the major themes in the life and work of David J. O’Brien, the Loyola Professor of Roman Catholic Studies at Holy Cross. 


Guadalupe, Madre de America
Presented with the Institute for Latino Studies

Catholic in the Movies
The Cushwa Center hosted a meeting April 7–9 for scholars contributing to Catholics in the Movies, which was edited by Colleen McDannell and published by Oxford University Press.


The Future of American Catholic History: A Conference in Honor of Christopher Kauffman


Uncommon Faithfulness: The Witness of African American Catholics


Rethinking U.S. Catholicism: International and Comparative Frameworks


Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Catholic Heritage
Presented with the Institute for Latino Studies


Interpreting the American Catholic Experience: The Achievement of Jay P. Dolan


Catholicism in Twentieth-Century America
This conference was the culmination of a three-year research initiative.


Understandings of America: Ethnicity, Intellectual History, and American Catholicism
Presented with the Notre Dame Department of History

Pew Young Scholars in American Religion Session
On March 6-9, the Cushwa Center hosted the historians’ session of the Pew Young Scholar in American Religion Program, the first of three such seminars to convene on the Notre Dame campus.Philip Gleason, professor emeritus of history, led the seminars, which explored the relationship between research and teaching.


Engendering American Catholic Studies


History of Christianity
This was a joint meeting of the American Society of Church History and the American Catholic Historical Association to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the University of Notre Dame.           


American Catholicism in the Twentieth Century


Colloquium on Hispanic Catholicism in the United States

The Comision Para el Estudio de 10 Historiadela Iglesia Latino Americana (known as CEHlLA) held its annual meeting at Notre Dame in March 1989 at the invitation of the Cushwa Center. Papers presented at this meeting were published in the U.S.Catholic Historian, Vol. 9, Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter/Spring 1990).

American Catholics and the Holy Land


Ireland and the United States: The Transatlantic Connection, 1800–1980

Colloquium on the History of Women Religious
This meeting became the catalyst for the founding of the Conference on the History of Women Religious



The Culture of American Catholicism
Presented with the Great Lakes American Studies Association


Perspectives on American Catholicism


Reinterpretation of American Catholic History
This conference predated the founding of the Center for the Study of American Catholicism, but it was a critical moment in the development of the idea of a center. Many historians of American Catholicism attended this conference, and it became the occasion to discuss the idea of a newsletter, a seminar, and other activities that would eventually become the agenda of the Center.