Cushwa Center News: Events

Two members of the Cushwa Center Advisory Board, Professors Thomas Kselman and Mark Noll, are retiring this year after distinguished careers. Their students are marking the occasions with two scholarly gatherings in the spring:

A Symposium in Honor of Thomas Kselman

March 9, 2017 | University of Notre Dame


Colleagues, friends, and former doctoral students will gather for a symposium to celebrate the career of Thomas Kselman, professor of History. Kselman, a distinguished Europeanist, is the author or editor of four books, including Miracles and Prophecies in Nineteenth-Century France, which won the John Gilmary Shea Prize in 1984. His upcoming book, Conscience and Conversion: Religious Liberty in Post-Revolutionary France, will be published in fall 2017 by Yale University Press. The program in March will feature panel discussions with participants revisiting and appreciating Kselman’s scholarship as well as expressing their regard for him as a colleague and mentor. Sponsored by the History Department of the University of Notre Dame and the Cushwa Center. For more information, visit


A Conference in Honor of Mark Noll

March 30 – April 1, 2017 | University of Notre Dame


Hosted by the History Department of the University of Notre Dame, “Enduring Trends and New Directions” honors the career of Mark Noll by reflecting on his work in the history of American Christianity while also looking forward to new directions in the field. The conference will include panels on the history of American Christianity from the colonial era to the 20th century as well as the recent history of World Christianity. Discussions on “the evangelical mind” and on the writing of “grand narratives” in U.S. religious history will feature commentary from scholars such as George Marsden, Catherine Brekus, Tommy Kidd, and Darren Dochuk. Books & Culture editor John Wilson will host a lunchtime interview of Noll. Visit for more details and to register.