RGG Research in Progress - Roman Sources for the American Catholicism: New Findings from the Archives


Location: Rome Global Gateway

The aim of this seminar is to illustrate the new material on American Catholicism which has been recently found in the Roman archives. By showing some examples of this material, the seminar will demonstrate how the Roman archives can provide a different perspective on the history of the American Catholic Church. 

Matteo Binasco
Postdoctoral Fellow
Rome Global Gateway

Matteo Binasco joined the Cushwa Center in 2014. He is based at the Rome Global Gateway, where he is responsible for compiling a guide to the Roman sources related to American Catholicism from 1763 to 1939. 

Binasco obtained his Ph.D. in history at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Previously he was a research fellow at the Institute of Mediterranean History of Italy's Research Council. He is the author of three books and 29 articles and essays.

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