Cushwa Center announces research funding recipients for 2019

Author: Shane Ulbrich

Grant Award 12

The Cushwa Center is pleased to announce that it is providing funding to 19 scholars for a variety of research projects in 2019. Funds will support travel to the University of Notre Dame Archives, as well as to archives in New Orleans, LA; New York, NY; St. Louis, MO; Washington, DC; Madrid, Spain; and Paris, France. The next application deadline for each of the Cushwa Center's five research funding programs is December 31, 2019.


Research Travel Grants

Research Travel Grants assist scholars from a variety of academic disciplines who wish to visit the University of Notre Dame Archives or collections elsewhere at Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Libraries for research relating to the study of Catholics in America. The following scholars received grants for 2019:


Cossen 800

William S. Cossen

The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

“Soldiers and Sacraments: The Lived Catholic Civil War”





Elisabeth Davis

Elisabeth Davis

University at Buffalo

“The Centralization Controversy: Nuns, Bishops, and the Development of the American Catholic Church, 1800–1865”




Mdavis Headshot 600

M. A. Davis

Hampton University

“Faith in Flight: Albert Zahm and the Wright Brothers”





Mendoza 800

Elsa B. Mendoza

Georgetown University

“Maryland Slaveholding and the Expansion of Jesuit Higher Education, 1789–1865”





Rademacher 500

Nicholas Rademacher

Cabrini University

“Catholic Women and Race in the United States, 1931–1965”





Oxford Headshot 600

Mitchell Edward Oxford

William & Mary

“Monarchal Bishops, Jacobinized Trustees, and Unruly Sisters: The French Revolution and the Making of an American Catholicism”




Schmidt 800

Kelly Schmidt

Loyola University Chicago

“‘We heard sometimes their earnest desire to be free in a free country’: Enslaved People, Jesuit Masters, and Negotiations for Freedom on American Borderlands”




Tobler 800

Ryan G. Tobler

Harvard University

“American Worship: Religion and the Politics of Worship in the Early United States”





Andrew Walker Cornetta

Andrew Walker-Cornetta

Princeton University

“The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd and the Religious History of Intellectual Disability in Postwar America“




Wenger 800

Tisa Wenger

Yale University

“Settler Secularism: The Production of American Religion”





Mother Theodore Guerin Research Travel Grants

The Cushwa Center recently launched Guerin Research Travel Grants for scholars whose research projects feature Catholic women more prominently in modern history, supporting research travel both in and outside the United States.


Croxall Headshot

Christine Croxall

Cornell University

“The Limits of Sisterhood: Gender and Black Catholicism in the Mississippi River Valley”






Monica Mercado

Colgate University

“The Young Catholic: Girlhood and the Making of American Catholicism, 1836–1911”






Joseph Mannard

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“America’s First Runaway Nun: The Two Lives of Sr. Ann Gertrude Wightt, 1799–1867”






Bronagh Ann McShane

National University of Ireland, Galway

“Irish Women Religious, c. 1530–1756: Suppression, Migration and Reintegration”





Betros Headshot 600

Gemma Betros

The Australian National University

“Sacred Liberty: the Nuns of Paris, the French Revolution, and Napoleon”





Hibernian Research Awards

Funded by an endowment from the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Hibernian Research Awards support the scholarly study of Irish and Irish American history. The following scholars have received awards for 2019:


Allison 800

Christopher M.B. Allison

University of Chicago

“Jane McCrea: Martyr for a New Nation”





Conor Donnan 400

Conor Donnan

University of Pennsylvania

“An ‘Empire for Liberty?’ Irish Immigrants, Native Americans, and American Imperialism in the trans-Mississippi West between 1841 and 1924”





Eileen Markey

Lehman College

“When Markievicz, Skeffington and Kearns Came to Butte: Irish Radical Women in the International Struggle”





Hesburgh Research Travel Grants

These grants support research projects that consider the life and work of the late Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame from 1952 to 1987.


Hahnenberg 800

Edward P. Hahnenberg

John Carroll University

“Theodore Hesburgh: Priest for a Priestly People”