Working Paper Series

The Cushwa Center’s Working Paper Series features works-in-progress presented at the American Catholic Studies Seminar, a gathering hosted at Notre Dame multiple times each year from 1975 to 2012. Electronic copies of select papers in the series may be obtained by contacting the center at


Monica L. MercadoUniversity of Chicago
“‘What a Blessing It Is to be Fond of Reading Good Books’: Catholic Women and the Reading Circle Movement in Turn-of-the-Century America”

William B. KurtzUniversity of Virginia
“‘Brothers in Patriotism and Love of Country’: Northern Catholics and Civil War Memory”


Eduardo MoralezSouthern Methodist University
“Praying Like the Middle Class: Ethnic Mexicans Make Church in Indiana”

Shannen Dee WilliamsRutgers University
“‘You Could Do the Irish Jig, But Anything Catholic Was Taboo’: Black Nuns and the Struggle to Desegregate U.S. Catholic Sisterhoods after World War II”


Michael S. CarterUniversity of Dayton
“American Catholics and the Early Republic”

Katherine MoranUniversity of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
“Beyond the Black Legend: California and the Philippines, and the U.S. Protestant Attractions to Spanish Catholicism, 1880–1920”


Julia Grace Darling YoungUniversity of Chicago
“Under the Banner of Christo Rey: Mexican Exiles in the U.S., 1926–1929”

Kelly BakerFlorida State University
“Rome’s Reputation is Stained with Protestant Blood: The Klan-Notre Dame Riot of May 1924”


Michael PasquierLouisiana State University
“‘Even In Thy Sanctuary, We Are Yet Men’: Scandalous Priests, Holy Priests, and Missionary Catholicism in the Early American Church”

Kathleen HolscherVillanova University
“Captured!: Catholic Sisters, Public Education, and the Mid-Century Protestant Campaign against ‘Captive Schools”


Elaine A. PeñaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Las Guadalupanas de Querétaro: Embodied Devotional Performances and the Political Economy of Sacred Space Production”

C. Walker GollarXavier University
“Drawing the Line between What Should, and What Should Not Be Told in American Catholic History—John Tracy Ellis and David Francis Sweeney’s Life of John Lancaster Spalding


Margaret PrestonAugustana College
“From the Emerald Isle to Little House on the Prairie: Ireland, Medicine, and the Presentation Sisters on America’s Northern Plains”

Diana WilliamsHarvard University
“‘A Marriage of Conscience’: Interracial Marriage, Church-State Conflicts, and Gendered Freedoms in Antebellum Louisiana”


Sally Dwyer-McNultyMarist College
“In Search of a Tradition: Catholic School Uniforms”

L.E. Hartmann-TingBrown University
“‘A Message to Catholic Women’: Laywomen, the National Catholic School of Social Service, and the Expression of Catholic Influence during the Interwar Years”


Mary HenoldValparaiso University
“Gluttons for Dialogue: The American Catholic Feminist Movement on the Eve of Disillusionment, 1975–78”

Timothy B. NearyStephen F. Austin State University
“Taking It to the Streets: Catholic Liberalism, Race, and Sport in Twentieth-Century Urban America”


Kristy Nabhan-WarrenAugustana College
“Crafting an American Catholic Identity: Mary’s Ministries and Barrio-Based Evangelization, 1988–2002”

R. Bentley Anderson, S.J.St. Louis University
Father Knows Best: Prelates, Protest and Public Opinion”


Jason DuncanCoe College
“‘The Great Chain of National Union’: Catholics and the Republican Triumph”

Deirdre MoloneySt. Francis University
“Transnational Perspectives in American Catholic History”


Kathryn A. JohnsonBarnard College
“Taking Marriage ‘One Day at a Time’: The Cana Conference Movement and the Creation of a Catholic Mentality”

Gina Marie PittiStanford University
“‘A Ghastly International Racket’: The Catholic Church and the Bracero Program in Northern California, 1942–1964”


Sharon M. LeonUniversity of Minnesota
“Before Casti connubii: Early Catholic Responses to the Eugenics Movement in the U.S.”

Evelyn S. SterneUniversity of Rhode Island
“‘To Protect Their Citizenship’: Constructing a Catholic Electorate in 1920s Providence”


Angelyn Dries, O.S.F.Cardinal Stritch College
Panel Discussion of The Missionary Movement in American Catholic History

Michele DillonYale University
“The Possibilities for a Pluralistic Catholicism”


Seamaus Metress
“The American Catholic Church and the Irish: A Bibliographic Survey”

Eugene McCarraherUniversity of Delaware
“The Technopolitan Catholic: Michael Novak, Catholic Social Thought, and Post-Industrial Liberalism, 1960–1975”

Mary Lethert WingerdCushwa Center
“Revisiting ‘Great Man’ History, or How the Irish Captured the City of St. Paul”


Kathleen M. JoyceDuke University
“Medicine, Markets, and Morals: The Catholic Church and Therapeutic Abortion in Early 20th-Century America’’

Peter R. DAgostino
“‘Fascist Transmission Belts’ or Episcopal Advisors? Italian Consuls and American Catholicism in the 1930s—Spring 1997”


James OTooleUniversity of Massachusetts-Boston
“Passing: Race, Religion, and the Healy Family, 1820–1920”

Steve RosswurmLake Forest College
“Manhood, Communism, and Americanism: The Federal Bureau of Investigation and American Jesuits, 1935-1960”

Christopher VecseyColgate University in New York
“Pueblo Indian Catholicism: The Isleta Case”

Evelyn Brooks HigginbothamHarvard University
Righteous Discontent: The Womens Movement in the Black Baptist Church, 1880–1920


Gene Bums
“Axe’s of Conflict in American Catholicism.”

Thomas A. TweedUniversity of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
“Diaspora Nationalism and Urban Landscape: Cuban Immigrants at a Catholic Shrine in Miami”

Roberto R. Trevifio
“Faith and Justice: The Catholic Church and the Chicano Movement in Houston”


Paul Robichaud, C.S.P., Catholic University of America
“Regionalism and Nationalism in Victorian American Writing: Stoddard, Guiney, Tabb and Shea”

Ellen SkerrettIndependent Scholar
“Chicago’s Neighborhoods and the Eclipse of Sacred Space”

Patrick Allitt
“America, England, and Italy: The Geography of Catholic Conversion”

Peter Steinfels
‘‘How the Media Cover Catholicism: Reflections of a Perpetrator”


John L. Ciani, S.J., Georgetown University
“Metal Statue, Granite Base: Jesuits’ Woodstock College, Maryland, 1869–1891”

Timothy MatovinaCatholic University of America
Tejano Lay Initiatives In Worship, 1830–1860”

John McGreeveyLilly Fellow at Valparaiso University
“‘Race’ and Twentieth Century Catholic Culture”

Thomas G. Kelliher, Jr.University of Notre Dame
“Mexican Catholics and Chicago’s Parishes, 1955–1976”


David KlatzkerAmerica Holy Land Project
“American Catholics and the Holy Land: Report of a Consultation”

Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J., Loyola Marymount University
“The Challenge of Evangelical/Pentecostal Christianity to Hispanic Catholicism in the United States”

Sally A. Witt, C.S.J. and Anthony P. Joseph, Jr.
“A Beginning Reference On Religious Communities in the Diocese of Pittsburgh”

Brigid Merriman, O.S.F.Mount Angel Seminary
“Called to be Holy: Dorothy Day and the Retreat Movement”

Colleen McDannellUniversity of Utah
“Lourdes Water and Catholic Devotionalism, 1870–1896”


Mary Ann ORyan, OSB, Loyola University-Chicago
“John Carroll, First Bishop of Baltimore, and his Views on Women”

Timothy KellyChatham College
“The Promise of A Popular Church: the Laity and the 1971 Pittsburgh Synod”

James DavidsonPurdue University
“Religion Among America’s Elite: Persistence and Change in the Protestant Establishment”

Robert OrsiIndiana University
“Hopeless Cases: The Women Who Prayed To St. Jude, 1929–1965”


Sandra Yocum MizeSaint Marys College
“Defending Roman Loyalties and Republican Values: The 1848 Revolution in American Catholic Popular Literature”

Margaret McGuinnessCabrini College
“A Puzzle with Missing Pieces: Catholic Women and the Social Settlement Movement”

Ana Maria Diaz-StevensRutgers University
“American Catholicism’s Encounter With the Religion of the Puerto Rican People”


Cyprian DavisSt. Meinrads School of Theology
“Christ’s Image in Black: the Black Catholic Community Before the Civil War”

Anita GandolfoWest Virginia University
“Prophetic Vision: Contemporary Women Novelists and the American Catholic Experience”

Eugene SchmidtleinStevens College
“Relations Between the Vatican and the Truman Administration”


Lynn DumenilClaremont-McKenna College
“The Tribal Twenties: The Catholic Response to Anti-Catholicism”

Steven J. OchsGeorgetown Preparatory School
“Desegregating the Altar: The Struggle for Black Catholic Priests, 1854–1960”

Dale LightPennsylvania State University
“The Social Perspectives of Catholic Associations in Antebellum Philadelphia”

Paula KaneTexas A&M
“Catholicism and the Control of Culture in Boston, 1900–1920”


Margaret Susan ThompsonSyracuse University
“To Serve the People of God: Nineteenth-Century Sisters and the Creation of An American Religious Life”

Robert Moats MillerUniversity of North Carolina
“Catholic-Protestant Tensions in Post-World War II America: The Experience of Methodist Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam”


Mary SchneiderMichigan State University
“The Transformation  of American Sisters: The Sister Formation Conference as Catalyst for Change, 1954–1964”

William DingesCatholic University of America
“In Defense of Truth and Tradition: Catholic Traditionalism in America, 1964–1974”

Robert KressUniversity of San Diego
“The People’s Church: From Established State Church to Voluntary Free Church: The Transformation of Roman Catholicism in the United States”


Mark NollWheaton College
“The Eclipse of Old Hostilities Between—and the Potential for New Strife Among—Catholics and Protestants Since Vatican II”

Edward KantowiczChicago, Illinois
“The Golden Age of Catholic Church Architecture in Chicago, 1891–1945”

Leslie TentIerUniversity of Michigan
“Women in the American Catholic Church: An Historical Assessment”


Alden BrownQueens College
“Women in the Lay Apostolate: The Grail Movement in the United States, 1940–1962”

David J. OBrienCollege of the Holy Cross
“Isaac Hecker as Symbol and Myth”

Gerald P. Fogarty, S.J.University of Virginia
“Vatican-American Relations, 1940–1984”


Mary CyganNorthwestern University
“Ethnic Parish as Compromise: Spheres of Clerical and Lay Authority in a Polish American Parish, 1911–1930”

Ann TavesUniversity of Chicago
“‘External’ Devotions and the Interior Life: Popular Devotional Theologies in Mid-nineteenth century America”

Arnold SparrNorthland College
“Frank O’Malley, Thinker, Critic, Revivalist”

Scott ApplebySt. Xavier University
“American Catholic Modernism: Dunwoodie and the New York Review, 1895–1910”


William Wolkovich-ValkaviciusU.S. Lithuanian Immigrant Studies
“The Yankee, the Celt and the Klan”

Jeffrey BumsUniversity of Notre Dame
“The Christian Family Movement”

James ConnellyIndiana Province Archives Center, Congregation of Holy Cross
“Legitimate Reasons for Existence: The Beginning of the Charismatic Movement in the American Catholic Church, 1967–1971”

Thomas A. KselmanUniversity of Notre Dame
“Our Lady of Necedah: Marian Piety and the Cold War”

Ronald HoffmanUniversity of Maryland
“A Worthy Heir: The Role of Family and Religion in the Formation of Charles Carroll of Carrollton: The Formative Years, 1748–1764”


Randall M. MillerSt. Josephs University
“Catholics in the Old South: Some Speculations on Catholic Identity.”

Ellen SkerrettChicago, Illinois
“The Irish Parish in Chicago, 1880-1930.”

Joseph ChinniciFranciscan School of Theology
“Politics and Theology: From Enlightenment Catholicism to the Condemnation of Americanism.”

Anne KlejmentSUNY at Plattsburgh
‘‘‘As In a Vast School Without Walls’: Race in the Social Thought of Daniel and Philip Berrigan, 1955-1965.

Mary J. OatesRegis College
“Learning to Teach: Professional Preparation of Massachusetts Parochial School Faculty, 1870-1940.”


Albert RaboteauUniversity of California, Berkeley
“Religion and the Slave Family in the Antebellum South.”

William DAntonioUniversity of Connecticut
“Religion and the Family: Exploring a Changing Relationship.”

James F. SmurlIndiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis
“The Family and Social Justice: CFM and Culture.”

Barbara MisnerCatholic University of America
“Highly Respectable and Accomplished Ladies: Early American Women Religious, 1790-1850.”

Peter W. WilliamsMiami University at Oxford, Ohio
“Catholicism Militant: The Public Face of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, 1900-1960.”

Patrick BlessingUniversity of Tulsa
“Religion, Culture and the Vigilance Movement, San Francisco 1856.”


Josef BartonNorthwestern University
“Land, Labor and Community in Nueces: Czech Farmers and Mexican Laborers in South Texas, 1880-1930.”

Russell BlakeUniversity of Notre Dame
‘The Private Sanctuary of Home': Evangelical Protestantism in the Shaping of Antebellum Planter Family Life.”

Joan AldousUniversity of Notre Dame
“Religion and the Family: The Tragic Linkage.”

Maris Vinovskis and Gerald MoranUniversity of Michigan
“The Puritan Family and Religion: A Critical Reappraisal.”

Thomas CurranSt. Johns University
“The Irish Family in Nineteenth-century Urban America: the Role of the Catholic Church.”

Thomas WergeUniversity of Notre Dame
“Images of Eden: The Family as Sacrament and the Pain of Loss in Mark Twain.”


Richard JensenNewberry Library
“Party Coalitions in America, 1820s-1970.”

Jeffrey M. BurnsUniversity of Notre Dame
“The Ideal Child: Images from Catholic Textbooks, 1875-1912.”

Mary EwensRosary College
“Removing the Veil: The Liberated American Nun in the Nineteenth Century.”

Robert E. Kennedy, Jr., University of Minnesota
“Selective Migration in the Acculturation of Immigrants: The Overseas Irish.”

Stanley HauerwasUniversity of Notre Dame
“The Moral Value of the Family.”

Philip GrevenRutgers University
“Reflections on Religion and Family History.”


Anthony J. KuzniewskiJesuit School of Theology at Chicago
“Wenceslaus Kruska and the Fight for a Polish Bishop.”

Kathleen Neils ConzenUniversity of Chicago
“Foundations  of a Rural German Catholic Culture: Farm and Family in St. Martin, Minnesota, 1867-1916.”

Margaret Ripley WolfeEast Tennessee State University
“Aliens in Southern Appalachia: Catholics in the Coal Camps, 1900-1940.”

John ColemanJesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
“American Catholicism and Strategic Social Theology.”

James SandersRichmond College
“Nineteenth Century Boston Catholics and the School Question.”

Patrick CareyGustavus Adolphus College
“A National Church: Catholic Search for Identity, 1800-1829.”


Mel PiehlValparaiso University
“The Liberal Wing of the Catholic Worker Movement.”

Josef BartonNorthwestern University
“Italian Catholic Communities and Cultural Change 1890-1950.”

Nelson CallahanCleveland, Ohio
“R. L. Burtsell: His Diary, His Life, His Times.” 1800-1829.”


Philip GleasonUniversity of Notre Dame
“From an Indefinite Homogeneity: The Beginnings of Catholic Higher Education in the U.S.”

Donald KemperUniversity of Missouri/Visiting Professor at Notre Dame
“The St. Louis Trauma: Integrating the ‘Colored’ in Archdiocesan Schools, 1930-1950.”

Charles ShanabruchChicago, Illinois
“The Edwards Law: A Study of Religion and Ethnicity in Illinois Politics, 1889-1894.”

Barry GrossMichigan State University
“The Catholic Imagination of F. Scott Fitzgerald.”