Cushwa Center announces 2013 research travel grant recipients

Author: Heather Gary

The Cushwa Center is pleased to announce the 2013 research travel grant awards:

Margaret Abruzzo, associate professor, University of Alabama
Project title: Good People and Bad Behavior: Sin, Evil, and Moral Responsibility in the 18th and 19th Centuries

William Cossen, graduate student, Penn State
Project title: The Protestant Image in the Catholic Mind

Brian Clites, graduate student, Northwestern University
Project title: Chapter 2: Catholic Activism in Chicago 1933-1992: From the Catholic Action Movement to Call to Action Chicago

Charlotte Hansen, administrator and researcher, George Bell Institute, UK
Project title: Liberal Catholicism between Hope and Resignation, 1850-1920

Candice Shy Hooper, independent scholar
Project title: Lincoln & His Generals’ Wives: How Four Women Influenced the Course of the Civil War--for Better and for Worse

Henry Richard Maar, graduate student, UC Santa Barbara
Project title: The Challenge of Peace: The Catholic Revolt Against the Arms Race, 1980-1985

Herbert Miller, graduate student, University of Dayton
Project title: Theological Polemics and the Making of Americans: A Study of the 1837 Campbell-Purcell Oral Debate

Paul Murray, professor, Siena College
Project title: Catholics Fighting for Civil Rights 

Jeanne Petit, associate professor, Hope College
Project title: Catholic Women and the Making of Modern America

Geneviève Piché, graduate student, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Project title: When Two Worlds Meet: Louisianans’ Slaves and the Catholic Church, 1803-1842

Hibernian Research Awards

Michelle Granshaw, independent scholar
Project title: The Politics of Irish Diasporic Performances: Entertainment and Community in Urban America

Kenneth Parker, associate professor, Saint Louis University
Project title: Gallicanism with a Gailic Accent: The Rise of Irish Gallicanism in the Late 18th and Early 19th Century

Peter R. D’Agostino Research Travel Grant

Patrick Hayes, archivist, Redemptorist Provincial Archives, Brooklyn, NY
Project title: An Inventory of the Archivio Generale Redentoristi’s Collections on the American Province of the Redemptorists