Cushwa Center announces grant recipients for 2015

Author: Heather Gary

The Cushwa Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the Center's annual grants.

Research Travel Grants

These awards assist scholars who wish to use the University of Notre Dame’s library and archival collection in Catholic Americana.

Jennifer Callahan

Jennifer A. Callaghan

Northwestern University

“Critical Mass: The Fall and Rise of Latin in the Long U.S. Catholic Liturgical Movement”


Max Forrester

Max Forrester

Washington University in St. Louis

“Competing Destinies: Religious and Political Conflict in the Southwest Borderlands, 1803–1848”


Gracjan Kraszewski

Gracjan Kraszewski

Mississippi State University

“Catholics in the Confederacy during the American Civil War”


Todd Ream

Todd C. Ream

Taylor University / Baylor University

“Your Reporter Was Faithfully Near: The Life of Francis Wallace”


Sean Rost

Sean Rost

University of Missouri—Columbia

"A Call to Citizenship: Anti-Klan Activism in Missouri’s ‘Little Dixie,’ 1921–1928”


Jason Sprague

Jason Sprague

University of Iowa

“‘The Shadow of a Cross’: Odawa Catholicism in Waganakisi, 1765–1825”


Randy Thompson

Stephen R. Thompson

Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

“Swords into Plowshares: Why Denominations Stop Supporting U.S. Foreign Interventions”


Michael Weeks

Michael A Weeks

University of Colorado, Boulder

“Industrializing a Landscape: Northern Colorado and the Making of Agriculture in the 20th Century”


Francesca Cadeddu

Francesca Cadeddu

Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose “Giovanni XXIII,” University of Cagliari

“Suicide or Sacrifice? Allen LaPorte’s Self-Immolation and the Catholic Debate over the Vietnam War”


Federico Ruozzi

Federico Ruozzi

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

“The Arrival of Television in U.S. and Italy: A New ‘Holy Crusade’”



2015 Hibernian Research Awards

Funded by an endowment from the Ancient Order of Hibernians, this annual award provides travel funds to support the scholarly study of the Irish in America. The following scholars received awards for 2015:

Howard Lune

Howard Lune

Hunter College, CUNY

“Unfriendly Societies: Know Nothings, the AOH, and the Fight for Authentic Cultural Identity”


Matteo Binasco

Matteo Binasco

University of Notre Dame (Rome Global Gateway)

“Roman Sources for Global Irish Catholicism”


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