Peter R. D’Agostino Research Travel Grants

Rome and the Vatican

The Cushwa Center offers Peter R. D’Agostino Research Travel Grants in conjunction with Italian Studies at Notre Dame to facilitate the study of the American past from an international perspective. This competitive, annual award supports research in Roman archives for projects on U.S. Catholic history.

This award is offered in honor of the late Peter R. D’Agostino, a friend and colleague to many, author of the award-winning book Rome in America: Transnational Catholic Ideology from the Risorgimento to Fascism (UNC, 2004), and a tireless promoter of transatlantic research in American Catholic studies. 

Application Procedures

Please submit an application form with the following documents attached:

  1. current curriculum vitae, including a representative list of your publications;
  2. project description (limit: 1,000 words) for the research you plan to conduct in Roman archives, noting particular collections you plan to visit, their salience to your research, any advance contact you have made with archivists, and any plans for publication;
  3. a detailed budget including travel, lodging, and research expenses, and noting cost sharing with any other potential sources of funding.

Applications must be submitted with required materials by December 31, 2024.


Applicants will be notified by March.


Grant recipients will be asked to:

  1. participate in an interview about their paper/project and/or provide the center with a short report on the results of their research;
  2. acknowledge the Cushwa Center in all publications which result from research supported by this grant;
  3. notify the center of any publication resulting in whole or in part from the grant.

Grant application form